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Please note that you must be an employee or related persons of an employee of the police services in the Ottawa area to be a member of the Ottawa Police Credit Union. You must be a member or be eligible to become a member in order for us to review your loan request.
By filling out and submitting the following form.

Please note:
All transactions and information transmitted via the Internet are done so using a SSL Certificate, this insures the information transfer is secure and safe.

I/we acknowledge that:
The Credit Union may obtain information about me and/or my spouse, from my/our employer, any credit bureau or any other person in connection with any of my/our dealings with the Credit Union and the Credit Union may disclose (automatically or upon request) credit information about me/us to credit bureaus and persons with whom I/we have or propose to have financial dealings, if the Credit Union believes disclosure is required by law.
I/We certify that the information in this application is true and correct .
I/We am/are not being sued and there are no judgments or executions against me/us. If any or part if this statement is incorrect or if there is a breach of this agreement, then I/we hereby agree with the Credit Union that all my/our present and future indebtedness to the Credit Union shall become due and payable without notice of demand.

If you agree with the terms outlined above, please continue by filling out this form: