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About Us / Corporate

About us / Corporate

The Ottawa Police Credit Union was established to serve the employees and related persons of the police forces in the Ottawa area. Since 1955, the credit union, has been offering it’s members a wide range of personal, financial and business services.

The Ottawa Police Credit Union was established on August 17, 1955 to serve the financial needs of employees and related persons of the police service in Ottawa.
The Ottawa Police Credit Union is a cooperative financial institution owned and operated by the members who use our services.
The governance of the credit union is based on members electing from their peers a Board of Directors who meet regularly to review its operation. We are also a not-for-profit organization existing to provide a safe, convenient place for members to save, invest and borrow money and to access other financial services at reasonable rates.
The Ottawa Police Credit Union is provincially regulated under the Credit Union and Caisses Populaires Act. In addition, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario provides deposit protection for all eligible deposits held at Ontario credit unions. Deposit Insurance is part of a comprehensive protection program in all Ontario credit unions which is backed by provincial legislation.

Through the years, as the police services expanded and the number of members increased, the credit union continued to respond to the needs of its members. Today, the Ottawa Police Credit Union is a full service financial institution that provides a complete selection of products and services that includes internet banking, the ability to access money anytime, anywhere with our Membercard, a variety of investment and loan options including mortgages.

The Ottawa Police Credit Union is proud of its 64 year history with the employees of the Ottawa Police Service and looks forward to supporting the financial needs and the community involvement activities of our members now and into the future.

Ottawa Police Credit Union
Celebrating 64 years of Service to the
Ottawa Police Community
1955 – 2017

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution , owned and controlled by the members who use its services. Credit unions serve groups that share a common bond , such as where they work, live or go to church. Credit unions are also not-for-profit and exist to provide a safe, convenient place for members to save money and to get loans and other financial services at reasonable rates.

In credit unions, the members are the owners . Benefits of ownership include better rates on deposits and loans and better service. Regardless of their size or field of membership, credit unions are different than for-profit financial institutions. Credit unions exist to serve their members. Banks and other financial institutions exist to make money for their stockholders.

Credit unions are member-owned, cooperative financial institutions that provide many of the same financial services that banks do, savings and checking accounts, youth and senior accounts, loans for a variety of purposes, insurance, convenient services to access and send funds and more. In essence they are mutual organizations operated entirely by and for their members.

While for-profit institutions must make profits for their shareholders, in a credit union any earnings in excess of operational costs are returned to the members in the form of increased interest on savings, decreased rates on loans or other new and improved services.

Credit unions are uniquely different from for-profit financial institutions and offer their members special advantages

Each member of a credit union is an equal owner of that credit union and is entitled to one vote at the annual meeting, regardless of how much money he or she has deposited in the credit union.

Because credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, they are usually able to offer lower loan rates, higher savings rates and lower fees than for-profit institutions.

Credit unions are led by a board of directors elected from the membership at the annual meeting. Board members volunteer and are not compensated.

Across countries, surveys repeatedly show members are more satisfied with the service they receive from their credit union than customers of banks or savings and loans are with their institutions. Because credit unions are democratic, member-owned cooperatives , members have the power to direct credit union policy.

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